Who we are

Since its foundation in 2017, the Infanterie Regiment 58 has constantly developed and expanded, while our principles have always remained the same.


The cohesion in the clan is unique - one could say everyone for everyone. You are welcome to see for yourself and join our crazy online family.


The Infantry Regiment 58 stands for skill. Skill means fun in the game and the incentive to become better.


We are constantly working on improving our tactics and their execution, therefore we offer training and individual training of all classes and vehicles in squad.

What we offer you


An active discord server to play and exchange with each other.

Nice and qualified clan members and every evening a squad of IR58 members.

We regularly take part in various tournaments of the squad community and also organize our own events.

Apart from Squad we also play other games from the Generes FPS and Strategy.

Also on YouTube

You can also follow our shenennigans on YouTube, we always try to upload funny clips from our normal Gameplay. So check out our YouTube-Channel and join the Community.

Our YouTube-Channel